Gant's ex apprentice. Left Gant on Day 1 and ran to Kelvin's Cairn looking for Akar Kessell


Eleasis (August)

24 - Arrives to Bryn Shander with Ship Rethnor and his master, Vaelish Gant
25 - Runs away and hires a Baerick Hammerstone and his miners in the Dwarven Valley
- - They climb Kelvin's Cairn looking for Akar Kessell's corpse
28 - He Baerick and the Miners find Kessell's tomb
- - Get's possessed by Akar after freeing him
- - Heads north to the Spine of the World

Eleint (September)

3 - Finds Black Ice at location of first Cryshal-Tirith with Akar and Pallidor
4-8 - Mines Black Iceand travel back to the Dwarven Valley with Akar and Pallidor

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