Derrick Gaffner

Derrick Gaffner is captain of the Howling Fiend, a fishing boat turned pirate vessel on Lac Dinneshere. Corrupted by the black ice used to make his ship's keep, Derrick is vicious and hateful.

Role PlayingEdit


  • Intimidating, enjoys causing fear


  • Authoritarian, intolerant of dissent
  • Hot-headed
  • Loud


  • His way or the highway


Eleint (September)

23 - Buys ship's ram made of Black Ice from Baerick Hammerstone
25 - Attacks a fishing vessel on Lac Dinnershere
28 - His pirate crew attacks Caer-Konig
30 - Howling Fiend pirate crew attacks Caer-Dineval

Marpenoth (October)

3 - Large attack against Easthaven attempting to secure weapons from Rurden's Armory

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