Davrick Fain

Formerly a simple merchant of Bremen, Favrick Fain became a disciple of Auril after this winter's first great storm. He now leads a small, scattered sult of the Frostmaiden in Ten-Towns.

Role PlayingEdit


  • Wild-eyed


  • Doomsayer
  • Enthusiastic and emphatic


  • Loud and talkative


  • Fanatical, devoted to Auril, the goddess of winter


Eleasias (August)

21 - Wanders into wilderness in search of Auril’s blessing
22 - Receives Auril’s “embrace” and proclaims himself a Priest of the Frostmaiden, starts Cult of Auril

Eleint (September)

1 - Befriends Rycher in Lonelywood
18 - Rycher find a Remhorazz Egg and gives it to Davrick
- - Establishes a lair in a verbeg cave in Kevlin's Cairn. Lair of the Cult of Auril
13 - The Cult of Auril is growing desperate due to the cold. They sacrifice a merchant who was in last caravan in Dougan's Hole

Marpenoth (October)

5 -

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